Using Regexes For Pattern Matching In Strings

Regular expressions, or regexes, are written in a condensed formatting language. In general, you can think of regular expressions as a pattern that you give to a regex processor with some source data. The processor then parses that source data using that pattern and returns chunks of text back for further manipulation.

There are three main reasons you would want to do this :

Regexes are…

This algorithm is used to detect cycle in linked list.

Floyd’s cycle finding algorithm is a pointer algorithm which uses two pointers to find cycle in the given linked list.

Lets see how this algorithm uses these two pointers ---->

One pointer moves two step at a time while the other one moves one step at a time, this is somewhat like the story we have heard in our childhood in which hare 🐇 move faster than the tortoise 🐢 that is why it is also known as Hare and Tortoise algorithm.

If at some point of time, these two…

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